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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie Review: "Life of Pi" (2012)

"Life of Pi" is visually stunning and is a wonderful story. It is a very well-made, well-written movie that I really enjoyed watching. I didn't see it at a theater, so I missed out on seeing it in 3D...I sure wish I had because I am sure 3D added to the visually effects.

Pi Patel (played by Gautam Belur at age 6, Ayush Tandon at 13, Suraj Sharma at 16 and Irrfan Khan as an adult...the majority of the movie is the 16-year old Pi played wonderfully by Sharma), is an Indian man who grew up in India and eventually settled in Canada. As an adult, he tells a novelist (Yann Martel played by Rafe Spall) about his life, most notably the portion of his life spent at sea with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. How on Earth does this Indian boy end up stranded at sea with a Tiger?

Pi started life in India and was picked on early in his childhood because his real name is Piscine (sounds like "pissing"...hence the teasing). He adopts the name Pi and embraces it's significance as being an irrational number & applies that to himself. He is raised as a Hindu, but embraces all religions. His parents own & operate a zoo and when he is 16, his parents decide to move to Canada with the intentions of selling their animals. While at sea, a strong storm sinks their ship and Pi is left adrift at sea...with a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena and Richard Parker. This is where the majority of the movie takes place, depicting Pi's life at sea with Richard Parker and the trouble that ensues as a result of this. It takes a much deeper meaning as the story progresses and how it eventually ends. It's a wonderfully told story.

"Life of Pi" is an excellent movie that is a visual epic. It deserved to be nominated for Best Picture (unlike some others which were nominated...). The storytelling is great & adventurous and you feel as if you are living this story, not just observing it. It is very metaphorical and has an ending that throws you for a bit of a loop. The amazing special effects just add another dimension to this film which I believe would have been good in spite of them. Ang Lee created a wonderful movie with many layers, from both a visual and storytelling perspective.

I really liked this movie...8.0/10 stars

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Anonymous said...

Have not seen it yet however your review is inspiring me to watch it ASAP.

I would tend to agree there is more to the storyline if you analyze the significance/role of each character.

Thanks for not spoiling the movie and yet providing a very good summary.