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Monday, July 1, 2013

Restaurant Review: The Silver Spoon (Rochester, Michigan)

I was taking a break after rollerblading 6 miles around Stony Creek Metropark when a tall, skinny guy started talking to me about rollerblading, biking, etc. He was clearly not an American and he was very talkative (not like me, of course...haha!). Anyway, I found out that he (his name is Mauro) was from Italy and worked as chef at an Italian restaurant in Rochester, MI called Silver Spoon. I had never heard of this restaurant, so I added it to my Yelp bookmarks as a place to try. A few weeks later, I was able to finally try this restaurant and was very happy to do so as it is an excellent place. And knowing one of the chefs came in handy as well.

I arrived at Silver Spoon ahead of my friend, so I was able to talk to Mauro for a bit before dinner. The restaurant is not very big, but is very nicely decorated and has a good atmosphere.

Once my friend arrived, we sat down and Mauro asked us if we ate meat, which of course both of us do. After our server took our drink orders, he brought us some bread (which came with a spicy oil & spicy olive paste) and an appetizer (smoked & non-smoked prosciutto with various cheeses plus toasted bread, artichokes, peppers & olives) courtesy of Mauro. This was an awesome start to our dinner as both the bread with the oil & olive paste and the prosciutto & cheeses were fabulous.

For an entree, I ordered Tagliatelle Rustiche (thin tagliatelle sauteed with shrimp, artichoke, asparagus in white wine, red pepper flakes & fresh tomato sauce).

My friend ordered that day's special which they simply call "Tris Entree" which consisted of 3 different pasta dishes.

My dinner was fantastic! It had so much flavor with a little spiciness to it (thanks to the red pepper flakes) and had very large pieces of shrimp. And I prefer a lighter tomato sauce which is exactly what this had. I am a big fan of artichokes and that was the deciding factor for choosing this entree, along with the shrimp because I wanted something with seafood in it. The artichokes were good-sized as well and just added to this already wonderful dish. I paired this with a glass of Pinot Noir and another great thing about this restaurant...very LARGE wine pours thanks to our server! My friend enjoyed her pasta trio as well. I only tried one of them myself as the other two contained mushrooms, which I do not like. My sample of that pasta was very good as well.

Silver Spoon is an excellent restaurant and I definitely want to try it again so I can sample more of their great menu offerings. I highly recommend this place.

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