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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Review: "The Grey" (2011)

"The Grey" is a thrilling, intense movie that I found to be entertaining. And Liam Neeson is really coming into his own as an action movie actor. He brings great intensity to his action roles.

"The Grey" is about a group of men whose airplane crashes during a blizzard in Alaska. The men then fight for survival while being hunted by a pack of wolves...and while fighting amongst themselves. Just when they think they are safe, the wolves come after them one more time. This movie isn't just an action movie, but is somewhat of a psychological thriller with the battles between the men & the wolves and the men against the men.

This is a good, not great movie...6.5/10 stars

1 comment:

Nathan Owen said...

I enjoyed it. Didn't love the ending but the rest made up for it.