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Monday, May 6, 2013

Restaurant Review: Bad Brad's BBQ (Shelby Township, Michigan)

Now that I have discovered that I actually like BBQ, I enjoy trying different places that specialize in this type of food. Of course, I only want to try the places that others deem to be worthy of a visit. And Bad Brad's BBQ in Shelby Township, Michigan is just such a place!

Bad Brad's is a very rustic looking restaurant and it smells awesome. We had a group of 6 go there recently for a birthday party for my good friend Mike Farrand. We got there relatively early, a little bit before 5:30pm and didn't have to wait for long, which was great since this place is known for being very busy & popular.

They have a good selection of beer. I wound up drinking two different IPAs (the names escape me) and they came in large jars, which was pretty cool. And the beer was very cold, always a good thing!

We did not partake in any appetizers since we all knew our dinners would be plenty to eat. I chose the 3 meats BBQ platter for my entree which came with 2 side dishes. My meats were Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork & Pulled Chicken and my sides were Mac & Cheese & Cornbread.

I am not the biggest fan of cornbread, but this bread was amazing! It was very moist and had a very unique flavor which included not only corn but peppers as well. By far the best I've ever had! All of my meat was cooked to perfection and tasted very good. I wound up mixing about 3 different BBQ sauces together with each of them, with their Spicy sauce being my favorite.

The Sliced Beef Brisket was my favorite as it was very tender and was seasoned quite well. It wasn't overly smoky unlike the Chopped Brisket which I was able to sample as my friend Mike got this. I am glad I chose the sliced beef over the chopped beef. The Mac & Cheese was good, but not outstanding and nowhere nearly as good as at The Clarkston Union (nothing so far compares to the Union's Mac & Cheese!).

Since this was a birthday party, we had to get dessert! We chose to share the Bumpy Cake with milk chocolate sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream and the Peanut Butter Blondie (warm peanut butter & chocolate brownie, peanut butter sauce, Nutella, and crispy peanut brittle ice cream). The Bumpy Cake was good but the Blondie was incredible! It was one of the best desserts I've ever had! I am starting to crave it now as I am writing this review...

This is definitely an excellent BBQ restaurant that I will undoubtedly return to! 

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Anonymous said...

Next time you go, let us know!

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Anonymous said...

I've been to the New Baltimore location. I loved it. You missed out on the best appetizer - BBQ Nachos. They were amazing. Our (wife and I) only wish is that they offered some sauces with more kick.