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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movie Review: "Pitch Perfect" (2012)

I watched the movie "Pitch Perfect" and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. It is a very well-made, funny, entertaining and fun movie! It is classified as a musical comedy (at least according to Wikipedia). It combines these 2 elements (music & comedy) very nicely as it has some very funny moments and the musical parts are great with exceptional singing.

The Bellas are a college all girl acapella group who look good, but don't do very well in the yearly singing competition that they participate in. They wind up doing tired, boring songs year in & year out and this approach just doesn't cut it. They go a different route with respect to how the girls look & act for this year's competition, but still plan on singing the same old set list. Two of the new members of the Bellas are particularly intriguing: Beca Mitchell (played by Anna Kendrick) and Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson).

Beca has a strong desire to make her own music & would rather move to LA to pursue her music career, but her Dad makes her go to college. She winds up working at the campus radio station & also befriending Jesse (played by Skylar Astin) who is a member of the Bellas rival group, the Treblemakers. Beca tries to influence the Bellas as much as possible to pursue other music for the singing competition, initially without too much luck. Beca infuses new life into the Bellas and their competition performances eventually reflect this energy & creativity. Anna Kendrick plays Beca perfectly and she is one of my favorite actresses. She brings out Beca's down-to-earth, confident personality very well. She is also very funny and believable in this role. Kendrick does a great job of playing characters in a very realistic fashion. She is a breath of fresh air in every movie she is in.

Fat Amy is a hilarious girl who is not very attractive & a bit overweight, but her self-confidence doesn't stop her from joining the Bellas. Her role in the group provides some of the funniest moments in this movie as Rebel Wilson is cast perfectly in this role. And she can actually sing!

I typically don't like musicals (with the exception of "The Sound of Music"). They usually have too much singing in them and that distracts me. "Pitch Perfect" is not like this. It has a nice balance of dialogue and singing, which is part of the reason why I liked it so much (this is why I like "The Sound of Music" so much too). I enjoyed watching this entire movie as it is funny, witty, sweet and fun-loving. It mixes in its musical moments very well. It has a nice, sweet story without being cheesy.

This is just a fun movie that I really liked...8.0/10 stars

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Anonymous said...

I have to echo your thoughts on this entertaining retelling of the classic "change can be good" tale. Uncharacteristically, I actually really enjoyed the music, which surprised me because I agree that music can normally interupt the flow of a movie. And yeah, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson were both awesome.