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Friday, February 19, 2016

Restaurant Review: Estia Greek Street Food in Troy, Michigan

My coworker Chris told me about this place in Troy, Michigan called Estia Greek Street Food and how it's a really good place for Greek pitas (gyros). I was a little skeptical because I've been fortunate enough to visit Greece and eat authentic Greek food, most notably their gyros which are outstanding. In the U.S., most gyros are lamb-based whereas in Greece, they are pork-based. I visited Estia's website and I saw that they had 3 meat options for their gyros: Chicken, lamb, AND pork, so I was optimistic that perhaps it was indeed a good place.

I went to the MJR movie theater in Troy recently and it worked out that the movie got out at a time conducive to having dinner. So I went over to Estia to check it out. When I walked in, I saw this:

I immediately texted this picture to my brother Dennis who has spent a lot of time in Greece and whose wife Lily is from Greece because I thought seeing pork on a rotisserie was a sign of good things to come. It is because of Dennis & Lily that I know about REAL gyros.

After I ordered my gyro (the restaurant is like Qdoba or Subway where you have it assembled in front of you with the ingredients that you choose AND they make the pita from raw dough, so it's very fresh), I struck up a conversation with the owner and told him how I was looking forward to my gyro since it was the only place I'd been to in the U.S. that had the authentic Greek option. We chatted for a bit while I waited about how I'd gone to Athens, how he had lived there for 7 years, etc. In addition to my gyro and fries, I ordered dessert as well because they also had a common Greek pastry called Bougatsa, which the owner gave me free of charge.

I ordered my gyro with pork, tomatoes, a few fries, and tzatziki sauce.

Once I got home, it was the moment of truth. I was not disappointed! The pork & tzatziki sauce were very flavorful and the tomatoes were fresh. The pita itself was great due to how they make it from dough on the spot, a nice touch. The few fries in it added to the taste and the fries I got on the side were great too. This was a great gyro that I think even my brother & my sister-in-law would like. I loved it! I will be returning to Estia for this tasty treat.

After devouring my gyro, I brewed a cup of coffee in the cup that I bought in Athens at the Parthenon museum to go with my Bougatsa.

Alas, the Bougatsa wasn't nearly as good as the gyro. It was quite dry and just OK. Maybe it'd have been better if it was fresh. The next time I go, I'll see if it looks fresher before I get it.

UPDATE: I went back to Estia a week after my original visit and got a more "Americanized" version of a gyro: Lamb, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce. It too was fantastic as everything was fresh and the lamb was very tasty.

All in all, Estia Greek Street Food is excellent and I highly recommend it. For more info, check out their website at:

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