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Sunday, August 11, 2013

TV Show Review: "House of Cards"

I didn't watch "House of Cards" (created by Beau Willimon based on a UK mini-series & a novel and starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright & Kate Mara) when it first came out on Netflix, but was able to watch it once the DVD set (in my case, Blu-ray) came out this summer. And as I suspected, I really liked the first season. I also hope that it's loosely based on actual events that occur in Washington D.C. rather than real life events. Because if any of this is half true, D.C. is truly an evil place.

Frank Underwood (played devilishly by Spacey who rightfully deserved his Emmy nomination) is the Democrat's House Majority Whip representing South Carolina's 5th Congressional District. He's as devious and manipulating one thinks a person in this powerful position is (but we all hope really ISN'T). Frank is passed over by the new President Garrett Walker (played by Michael Gill) for Secretary of State even though Walker promised Frank that position as reward for Frank's help in getting him elected President. This enrages Frank who begins to plot his revenge in an attempt to grasp even more power than he already has and grab a different Cabinet position. The web of deceit that Frank spins involves many different Washington players, most notably young reporter/blogger Zoe Barnes (played by Mara), troubled Congressman Peter Russo (played superbly by Corey Stoll who should have received an Emmy nomination for his performance), Frank's wife Claire (played excellently by Robin Wright, again very worthy of her Emmy nod) and Frank's chief of staff Doug Stamper (played by Michael Kelly).

This intricate web of deceit that Frank weaves is portrayed excellently with the actors turning in fantastic performances. All of the episodes are very well written and directed. Having directors such as David Fincher, Joel Schumacher and Allen Coulter directing numerous episodes never hurts either! This show darkly depicts corruption, greed and power-grabbing as well as any show I have ever seen.

"House of Cards" is definitely worthy of the Emmy nominations it has received and is a new drama powerhouse in an era of awesome TV dramas...8.5/10 stars

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