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Friday, March 8, 2024

Reviews & Ratings for the 2024 Oscar Best Picture Nominees


Oppenheimer (

My expectations for Oppenheimer since I first heard about it were very high and they were most decidedly met…9.5/10 stars.

Killers of the Flower Moon (

I think Killers of the Flower Moon might be better than Oppenheimer, but I like Oppenheimer more…9.5/10 stars.

The Holdovers (

I really enjoyed The Holdovers as it’s funny & heart-warming and if it wasn’t for Cillian Murphy’s performance in Oppenheimer, Paul Giamatti would win a much-deserved Best Actor Oscar for his performance…8.5/10 stars.

American Fiction (

American Fiction is an excellent and quite funny movie that definitely deserves its Best Picture nomination…8.5/10 stars.

Barbie (

Fun, bizarre, funny, silly, entertaining, sappy, absurd, and yet it has a good message. Those were my instant reactions to Barbie and that’s how I still feel about it…8.0/10 stars.

The Zone of Interest (

It’s hard to say that I liked The Zone of Interest. It’s a pretty powerful & somewhat horrifying movie about a notably evil & monstrous Nazi…8.0/10 stars.

Past Lives (

Past Lives is a unique & bittersweet romance movie with excellent performances, most notably by Greta Lee…7.5/10 stars.

Anatomy of a Fall (

I am a big fan of courtroom dramas and Anatomy of a Fall is definitely a good one with a great performance by Sandra Hüller at the center of it…7.5/10 stars.

Maestro (

I expected much more from Maestro after Bradley Cooper’s almost perfect directing debut with A Star is Born and I thought it was just OK…6.0/10 stars.

Poor Things (

The only thing preventing me from totally hating Poor Things was Emma Stone’s excellent performance as Bella, but it still wasn’t very good in my opinion…3.0/10 stars.

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