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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Movies with 8.0 Stars

I have compiled this list of movies that I give 8.0/10 stars to over about 6 years and I've finally gotten around to posting it. It's a long list, but every movie on here is excellent and I highly recommend all of them. Here we go!

Say Anything (

It had been many years since I’ve seen this and it still holds up quite well. Even the 80s clothing isn’t that bad! And it reminded me of how big of a crush I had on Ione Skye 30 years ago…

A League of Their Own (

I had somehow never seen this movie until 2020 and I definitely enjoyed it. It’s a bit predictable, but has a lot of heart.

That Thing You Do! (

Yet again, a movie I hadn’t seen until 2020 that I really liked.

Something’s Gotta Give (

A different spin on the modern rom-com that I enjoyed very much. Another movie that I somehow had never seen until 2020!

Irresistible (

An excellent commentary on the sad state of politics in the United States.

The Old Guard (

I watched 4 streaming new movies from 7/8/2020-7/12/2020 and this was the 3rd best of that bunch. It was much better than I expected and was the best action movie I’d seen in a while.

Serpico (

Network (

I’ve been making my way through classics I’d never seen and Network is most definitely worth all of the accolades it has gotten over the years. I’m not “mad as hell” that I finally watched it!

Bad Education (

The King of Staten Island (

This dramedy was much better than I expected and has a lot of heart.

Da 5 Bloods (

The Big Sleep (

Another old movie that I’d heard so much about, but had never seen until 2020. Bogey nails it as Philip Marlowe!

Driveways (

A nice, excellent little movie with a heartbreaking performance by Brian Dennehy, his last.

The Lady Eve (

A fun, old movie with great performances from Henry Fonda & Barbara Stanwyck.

Witness for the Prosecution (

Some 1950s sappiness and a little bit of overacting, but otherwise excellent.

Set It Up (

Further proof that I am a big fan of romantic comedies!

Some Like It Hot (

Such a fun movie that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Honey Boy (

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (

A very powerful movie about a sensitive subject. Sidney Flanigan does a wonderful job of playing the lead character (Autumn) and deserves an Oscar nomination.

The Invisible Man (

Sadly, this is the last movie I saw in a theater due to the pandemic. But it was an excellent horror movie!

Waves (

Clueless (

I know this doesn't seem possible, but I watched Clueless for the first time in March 2020 in preparation to watch Emma as both are adaptations of the classic Jane Austen novel Emma (which I've never read), with Clueless being a loosely-based, modernized version. I did really like Clueless, but what it really proved to me is that Paul Rudd DOES NOT AGE!

The Two Popes (

Richard Jewell (

Clint is 90 and is still making excellent movies!

An Affair to Remember (

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (

Dark Waters (

Burning (

It (

Knock Down the House (

Personally, I like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and this documentary is centered on her. But it also covers other women’s campaigns to become members of the U.S. Congress. It’s a great underdog story that I truly enjoyed.

Gosford Park (

Stuffy Brits doing crazy shit in a period piece and the precursor to Downton Abbey? I’m all in!

Instant Family (

A funny, feel-good movie is right in my wheelhouse!

A Simple Favor (

Election (

Tracy Flick in 2020!

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (

Beautiful Boy (

Widows (

Creed II (

Juliet, Naked (

First Man (

Operation Finale (

Eighth Grade (

Tully (

Wonder (

Incredibles 2 (

All About Eve (

Coco (

Laura (

Hostiles (

Blockers (

I, Tonya (

The Cowboys (

Battle of the Sexes (

Annihilation (

The French Connection (

Upon rewatch, I liked this movie a lot more than I first did.

Philadelphia (

The Florida Project (

Mudbound (

The Gathering Storm (

Captain Fantastic (

Snowden (

Paterson (

20th Century Women (

The Edge of Seventeen (

Being a teenager is hard and when your "perfect" brother starts dating your best friend, it gets just a bit harder.

American Beauty (

I didn’t like this after first seeing it, but that was 15+ years ago. I watched again and did like it this time. Kevin Spacey is UNHINGED as Lester.

Allied (

Nocturnal Animals (

Loving (

Edgerton has little dialogue but says so much with body language.

A Bridge Too Far (

The Girl on the Train (

Joy (

Trumbo (

Deadpool (

Steve Jobs (

Straight Outta Compton (

Kingsman: The Secret Service (

Nightcrawler (

Wild (

The Fault in Our Stars (

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (

This is Where I Leave You (

A very faithful adaptation of a book that I really liked.

Boyhood (

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