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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Another Group of Movies with 7.0 Stars

I've got a backlog of movies I've seen over the past few years and not written reviews for them, so I am going to just post lists of movies. The movies on this short list all get 7.0/10 stars.

Sometimes this movie was just too hard to watch. But I also realize that it should have been...

A little too over the top for my tastes, but not a bad movie.

Fast-paced & entertaining, this is just an OK Bourne movie that’s not nearly as good as the original trilogy. 

A fun, entertaining movie based on the true story of Eddie Edwards the beloved British ski jumper from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.


Nathan OWen said...

Good list Larry -- agree that just about all of them were 7/10s with the exception, IMHO, of Eddie the Eagle which I found difficult not to smile through most of it -- making it a 8 or 8.5 for me...

Anonymous said...

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