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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Movie Review: "Flight" (2012)

I watched "Flight" and I liked it, but in some regards, I didn't like it. Denzel Washington does an excellent job of portraying a mostly degenerate airline pilot. And that's the part I didn't like...that this pilot was such a degenerate.

"Flight" tells the story of an airline pilot (Whip Whitaker) who manages to save the lives of most of the passengers by performing an almost stunt-like maneuver (and an impossible maneuver according to real airline pilots) while the jet airliner he is piloting is about to crash. He does this...while drunk & high on cocaine. He is a dubious hero. Whip tries to sober up, but he's too much of a loser to do this while the investigation of the flight incident conducted by the NTSB heats up. Eventually, Whip has to face up to all of his sins during the NTSB hearing.

As I said, I liked this movie. But I did not like Whip Whitaker. He is a deplorable character who makes horrible decisions and does not live a particularly moral or good existence. Without giving too much away, he eventually finds some peace with himself and begins a path to redemption. And Denzel's portrayal of this down-trodden man is exceptional, which is no real surprises since he is one of the best actors in the business.

The movie itself is well-written with an intense scene depicting the fateful flight. It is a good story with elements of drama, mystery and even a little humor mixed in. I really liked John Goodman's portrayal of Whip's drug dealer as he stole every scene he was in and brought some of the more light-hearted moments to this movie.

Yes, I liked this movie...7.0/10 stars

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