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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Movies with 7.0 Stars

Here is my latest batch of reviews, movies I've rated 7.0/10 stars:

Divergent (

I liked this movie and thought that Shailene Woodley’s performance was good. She’s emerged as one of the better young actors, starting with her role in The Descendants. I’ve yet to see the 2nd movie in the Divergent series and am not sure if I ever will. Even though I liked this movie, it didn’t enthrall me like The Hunger Games did.

Sicario (

I had heard how good this movie was and while I did like it, I didn’t LOVE it. It’s a bit of a dark movie as you’d expect with a movie about drug cartels. And there are some great performances (Emily Blunt especially) plus the cinematography is quite good. But it just didn’t grab me.

Jersey Boys (

I am a fan of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons and I usually like all of Clint Eastwood’s movies. This isn’t Eastwood’s greatest, but I did enjoy this movie. It told the story nicely and of course the music is outstanding. I really need to see the musical though.

Pitch Perfect 2 (

I really liked the first Pitch Perfect (, so of course I had to watch the 2nd one. And while I did enjoy it as it’s entertaining with good a capella music, it’s just not quite as good as the original. Anna Kendrick still pretty much rules though.

Tomorrowland (

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as it is quite entertaining and has a lot of heart. It was fun to watch and see a movie through the eyes of a kid again.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (

The more I watch Marvel movies, the more confused I get because I am just not immersed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe very much. I liked the latest Avengers movie and it was entertaining & action-packed. But that’s what it’s supposed to be and this wasn’t much more than that.

Veronica Mars (

Yup, I’ll admit that I am a fan of the Veronica Mars TV show and watched it when it aired. So I just had to watch Rob Thomas (creator of the TV show) get the band back together. It was comparable to the TV show as it had great dialogue & writing and excellent performances (shockingly Kristen Bell is great in it). Veronica Mars as a character is one of the strongest female characters (or characters period) to have been on TV and Bell maintains this in her performance. I definitely enjoyed this good (but not great) movie.

All is Lost (

A movie without dialogue is not easy to watch and this movie is no exception. However, ROBERT REDFORD acting his butt off in a movie without dialogue is much more tolerable. This is very critically-acclaimed movie and while I did like it, I don’t understand the reverence it has received. The cinematography is great, but I just go back to the lack of dialogue and I guess that’s what’s holding me back from thinking this is a great movie.

Blue Jasmine (

Another critically-acclaimed movie that I just didn’t think was that great. I did like this movie and Cate Blanchett is excellent in it. I think maybe because Cate’s character (Jasmine) is pretty much unlikeable is the reason why I didn’t like this more. Who knows? Maybe if I watched it today, I’d love it.


Saundra said...

I'm not sure how Insurgent would play to you if you haven't read the books, but I really didn't like it. At all.

Larry said...

Wow...somebody actually read my post! ;-)
I heard that Insurgent wasn't very good, so that's probably why I won't continue with the series.