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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review: "The Vow" (2012)

I am a hopeless romantic who enjoys cheesy romantic comedies. I also enjoy romantic dramas & "The Vow" is no exception, at least for me. So many other movie critics lambasted this movie. But I'm not your everyday critic, am I?

Paige Collins (played by Rachel McAdams, the token Nicholas Sparks' girl!) loses her memory in a car accident & forgets she is married to Leo Collins (Channing Tatum...who is EVERYWHERE these days!). The movie then goes on a journey of Paige trying to find herself again & Leo trying to get her to fall in love with him again. The movie doesn't end in a completely predictable fashion.

McAdams & Tatum both give good performances, with Tatum playing the nice guy very well. I think maybe that's why I like this movie too, because as one of the nice guys myself, I can relate to Leo. I am not quite as good looking as Tatum, of course! Haha!

This movie moves along at a good pace and sometimes I found myself feeling uncomfortable & even a bit sad for Leo given how hard he tries to make Paige love him again.

All in all, I liked this movie...7.0/10 stars

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