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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Movie Review: "Friends with Kids (2011)"

I watched "Friends With Kids" and I definitely liked it.

This movie was written, produced, directed by and also starred Jennifer Westfeldt (aka, Don Draper's girlfriend...well, Jon Hamm's girlfriend). This movie has a very strong cast, led by Adam Scott (playing Jason) & Westfeldt (Julie). The rest of the cast all play their roles very well...Kristen Wiig as Missy, Jon Hamm as Ben, Maya Rudolph as Leslie, Chris O'Dowd as Alex, Edward Burns as Kurt and Megan Fox as Mary Jane. It's almost a "Bridesmaids" reunion!

So...Jason & Julie are the best of friends. All of their friends are married & having kids, which gets kind of annoying to them. They decide to have a kid themselves, but plan on still pursuing love interests on their own. They each end up meeting someone (the insanely gorgeous Mary Jane for Jason & all-around good guy Kurt for Julie). Things get a bit tense while the whole group of friends (all of the couples AND kids) go on a ski vacation together in Vermont. This of course is no real surprise. And the end of this movie is not really much of a shocker either. But the path to this ending is funny, charming, dramatic and sometimes even a bit heart-breaking. Some of the dialogue is a bit bawdy & frank, which adds to its charm.

Overall, this is a well-made, well-written, well-acted movie that I enjoyed watching...7.5/10 stars

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