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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Review: "J. Edgar" (2011)

I watched "J. Edgar" & thought it was a well-made movie but it just didn't "grab" me that much.

I love Clint Eastwood, so I had high expectations which were not really met. It moves pretty slowly & is downright boring at times. It does a nice job of documenting some of the historical aspects of Hoover's reign as FBI director, most notably the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. And it paints a pretty good picture of Hoover's personal life as well, most notably his relationship with Clyde Tolson (admirably portrayed by Armie Hammer...aka the Winklevi from "The Social Network").

Not surprising is Leonard DiCaprio's portrayal of Hoover despite the awful makeup that he is subjected to wear while playing Hoover in his later years. He gives a strong performance that saves this movie.

Overall, I did like this movie but it had a lot more potential...6.5/10 stars

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