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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Movie Review: "A Dangerous Method" (2011)

"A Dangerous Method" is a movie about psychiatrist Carl Jung in his younger years and his relationship with Sigmund Freud as well as his relationship with patient turned student Sabina Spielrein. Jung is played by Michael Fassbender, Freud by Viggo Mortensen and Spielrein by Keira Knightley. These 3 actors all give great performances in their respective roles and portray the characters they play very well. For me, the performances were essentially the only redeeming qualities of this movie.

The movie is pretty boring and really doesn't go anywhere other than to document the lives of these 3 people & their interactions with one another. It was educational for me since I didn't really know the details of these relationships, especially with respect to Spielrein as I'd never heard of her.

Based on the performances & the educational value this movie provided me, I'm not going to give it too awful of a rating...5.5/10 stars

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