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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Movies I've seen recently that get 6.0-6.5 stars

I've done some mass reviews in the past and here is another small batch, movies I've seen within the last 6 months or so that I rate 6.0-6.5 stars.

A Bad Moms Christmas (

Not as good as the first one...6.5/10 stars

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (

Mike & Dave (Adam DeVine & Zac Efron respectively) definitely meet their matches when it comes to partying & being outsmarted by Alice & Tatiana (Anna Kendrick & Aubery Plaza respectively). This is pretty much a silly, raunchy, “buddy” comedy, but I liked it and laughed quite a bit....6.5/10 stars.

How to Be Single (

I don’t know what it is, but I am drawn to Dakota Johnson. She’s not the greatest actress, but something about her personality in movies attracts me. Rebel Wilson is her normally annoying self, but still offers up plenty of laughs. I found myself laughing a lot and enjoying this somewhat abnormal take on the romantic comedy...6.5/10 stars.

Inferno (

I read the Dan Brown book Inferno once I found out they were making a movie out of it. The movie is a typical adaptation of his books. I thought it was all right, even though at times the movie is a little frantic & too rushed. But at least it has Tom Hanks & Felicity Jones in it...6.0/10 stars.

Chicago (

I decided to watch Chicago after seeing La La Land since it did win Best Picture once upon a time and I was jonesing for another musical. Alas, this one isn’t nearly as good as La La Land, but Richard Gere sings in it, so that alone made it worth watching...6.0/10 stars.

Florence Foster Jenkins (

I think the best things I can say about Florence Foster Jenkins are that I didn’t hate it, I was somewhat entertained by it, Hugh Grant plays a cad to a T, and Meryl Streep does a great job at singing terribly...6.0/10 stars.

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