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Friday, September 4, 2015

Movie Review: Begin Again (2013)

It’s been awhile since I have posted a review of any kind due to sheer laziness. But I recently watched the movie Begin Again and I felt that I just had to publish a quick review of this movie because I loved it so much.

Begin Again (written & directed by John Carney of Once fame and starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam Levine) is the story of musicians. It’s a wonderful story of Gretta a young singer-songwriter (played by Knightley), Dan a somewhat washed-up music producer/music executive (Ruffalo), and Gretta’s relationship with her rockstar boyfriend Dave (Levine). The central story is the relationship & musical collaboration between Gretta & Dan as they come up with a unique idea for Gretta’s first album. Gretta’s relationship with Dave is hashed out in a satisfying albeit unpredictable way as well as Dan’s relationship with his daughter Violet (played by Hailee Steinfeld).

I think Begin Again really connected with me because it’s a wonderful story that is not rooted in dark drama, over-the-top action, raunchy humor, or superhero hijinks. Don’t get me wrong, I like many of those kinds of movies too, but a feel-good movie is very refreshing to me. And that’s exactly what Begin Again is. The characters aren’t overly complicated or troubled. The story is straight-forward & simple, yet very compelling & entertaining. I enjoyed the journey that Gretta takes and with Dan at her side during this journey, it’s that much more fun. Dan’s relationship with his daughter also becomes a nice story, but neither cheesy nor cliche. And the music is fantastic! I had no idea that Keira Knightley could sing so well. Yes, she does all of her own singing in the movie!

Begin Again is a wonderful movie that I thoroughly enjoyed…9.0/10 stars.

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