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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Movie Review: "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (2012)

I don't find too many movies that I watch and subsequently review that I simple don't like..."Beasts of the Southern Wild" is an exception. I just didn't "get" this movie. I don't understand why it was so critically acclaimed and even nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It just isn't very good...

Hushpuppy (played by Quvenzhané Wallis) is a 5-year old girl living in the Louisiana bayou in a placed called "The Bathtub" and a massive storm is approaching The Bathtub due to the melting of the icecaps. She mostly lives on her own while her father Wink (played by Dwight Henry) is missing. Wink shows up and they start touring the rest of The Bathtub where most of the residents are fleeing. Eventually, a mandatory evacuation order forces all of the residents out.

My summary is short because honestly not much happens in this movie. It's essentially about Hushpuppy and Wink wandering around The Bathtub. I didn't find this to be the least bit intriguing. This movie is boring, has little to no plot and it just doesn't go anywhere. It's only about an hour & a half long and that still seemed too long to me. Maybe there are underlying themes to this movie that make it more than what it is, but I sure as heck didn't understand them.

I will say this...Willis does a great job playing Hushpuppy. It's amazing that such a young girl can deliver such a performance. She gives a performances that is worthy of her Best Actress nomination, I just wish the movie would have been better.

If it wasn't for Willis, I'd give this movie a much lower rating than...5.0/10 stars

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