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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: It's a Matter of Taste (Commerce Twp, Michigan)

Shortly before Christmas of 2012, I went to the restaurant It's a Matter of Taste in Commerce Twp, Michigan (located right on Union Lake, in the southwest corner of the lake) with a friend. I had been to this restaurant once before and it is a very good restaurant with a great location. Since it was winter, we weren't able to enjoy the nice view of the lake because it was dark.

For an appetizer, we shared calamari (dusted in seasoned flour, flash fried and served with amoygue sauce). I like to try calamari at most new restaurants I go to, if available. The calamari was good, but the sauce that came with it had a little too much garlic in it. I seriously tasted the garlic well into the next day!

After enjoying the appetizer, I had a bowl of Potato soup with Andouille sausage that I really enjoyed. The sausage added a good, sweet flavor to the tasty soup.

For an entree, I tried the Pan Roasted Snapper (served over buttermilk whipped potato with vegetables in a vermouth, capers, artichoke hearts and spinach concasse sauce) and my friend had the Fettuccini Carciofi (housemade pasta with chicken, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and a lemon basil cream). I don't recall ever having snapper at any other restaurant or at least it wasn't notable if I had! I definitely enjoyed my entree as it had a unique flavor, especially when coupled with the artichoke hears & capers. I find that capers add so much to any dish that they are added to. My friend also enjoyed the pasta (and I tasted it as was also quite good!).

All in all, It's a Matter of Taste is a very good restaurant with a nice atmosphere. I will definitely go back there, hopefully at a time when it's nice & bright enough to enjoy dining on the water.

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