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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movie Review: "The Five-Year Engagement" (2012)

I watched "The Five-Year Engagement" and thought it was pretty funny & good overall. A good chunk of this movie is set in Ann Arbor, MI which definitely contributed to how much I liked it! I recognized a lot of familiar places, which was very cool. And shockingly...I liked yet another romantic comedy!

Tom & Violet (played by Jason Segel & Emily Blunt respectively) get engaged but wind up moving to Ann Arbor because Violet gets an opportunity to attend U of M's post-doctorate psychology program. Tom (who is a sous chef) winds up making sandwiches at Zingerman's (which is pretty fricking sweet, as far as I'M concerned!). Needless to say, living in A2 stresses their relationship and things get a little dicey. I won't ruin the ending for anyone, although it's somewhat predictable.

As cool as I thought it was that they move to A2, I wasn't too thrilled with how Michigan was depicted in the movie. Ann Arbor (and southeastern Michigan in general), is NOT in the middle of the woods. Not even someone from San Francisco would find that to be the case. But it worked for the movie, so I got over it quickly.

This is a funny movie, without being super raunchy. It has its raunchy moments, but they are few & far between. And Jason Segel is always funny. Emily Blunt does a good job playing her character with the right amount of British wit.

I definitely liked this movie...7.0/10 stars

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