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Monday, June 18, 2012

Restaurant Review: Clubhouse BFD (Rochester Hills, Michigan)

My Dad was in town a few weeks ago & we went to Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills for beers & dinner and to watch some of the Tigers game. I was very impressed with everything about this place from the beer to the food to the wait staff to the number of quality TVs for watching sports! I went again with some work friends a couple of weeks later & it wasn't disappointed the 2nd time around!

I am a big fan of IPAs & told our bartender (a cute blonde named Julie) this. She gave me samples of a couple to try & I chose the Dripa IPA from Kuhnhenn Brewery in Warren, MI. I saved the other one for my next beer, which was Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF). Both are excellent beers! The 2nd time I was there, I tried various IPAs from the New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI which were all awesome, most notably the New Holland Imperial Hatter.

BFD doesn't have an extensive food menu & this is something I would like to see them improve upon. However, everything I have had there is great. On my first visit, we had Nonna Mastronardi's Bigga Meatballs for an appetizer & this was one of the better appetizers I've ever had. The meatballs were huge & according to BFD's menu they consist of Ground Veal, Pork & Chuck mixed w/ Parmesan, fried onions, egg & breadcrumbs topped with roasted red pepper cream sauce. The red pepper cream sauce made these especially tasty. For an entree, my Dad had a burger which he said was excellent. I had their Tripple Mac & Cheese (custom cheese blend tossed with penne pasta and topped with buttered panko breadcrumbs & oven-baked till golden brown) with shrimp. Their mac & cheese is awesome and it rivals that at The Clarkston Union. I liked it so much, I got it for an entree my 2nd time, this time with bacon (how can you go wrong?).

The 2nd time I was at BFD, as an appetizer we had fried PB&J sandwiches encrusted with cornflakes...this unique appetizer was super good. And it was only $2!

Clubhouse BFD is now one of my favorite metro Detroit restaurants & it is very close to where I live, which makes it that much better!

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