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Friday, March 25, 2022

Reviews & Ratings for the 2022 Oscar Best Picture Nominees


I liked all of this year’s Best Picture nominees and even loved some of them as 4 of them were my 4 favorite movies from 2021. It’s rare that my favorite movies of the year are nominated for Best Picture, much less 4 of them.

Dune (

I saw Dune in a theater (Emagine Rochester Hills, MI EMAX) with my nephews & their girlfriends. It's visually astounding with incredible sound effects and a kick-ass score by Hans Zimmer. It really should be seen in a theater and I am glad I got to experience it in that setting. It’s a fantastic movie and was my favorite movie from 2021...9.5/10 stars.

Licorice Pizza (

This was my 2nd favorite movie from 2021. It was just a fun movie to watch and the soundtrack is great. It has a lot of funny moments and some great needle drops. I really loved Licorice Pizza...9.0/10 stars.

West Side Story (

Remakes never live up to the original movie...until now. I think THIS version of West Side Story is better than the original (which I finally watched in 2021 & is great). It blew me away and was my 3rd favorite movie from 2021...9.0/10 stars.


And finally, my 4th favorite movie from 2021. After I watched it, I posted this on Facebook about the movie and it still holds true: Give yourself a break from the noise of the world and watch this wonderful movie on Apple TV...9.0/10 stars.

Drive My Car (

Don’t be intimidated by a Japanese 3-hour movie because Drive My Car is really good. It was a great way to spend an afternoon for me and I never felt bored by it or that it dragged at all...8.5/10 stars.

Belfast (

Kenneth Branagh's Belfast is an excellent & charming semi-autobiographical movie about his childhood in Belfast, Northern Ireland...8.0/10 stars.

King Richard (

Will Smith's fantastic performance as Richard Williams (Venus & Serena's dad) really carries this one...8.0/10 stars.

Don’t Look Up (

This movie was very controversial and polarizing. I took it at face value and didn’t read into its underlying message too much. I did like it...8.0/10 stars.

Nightmare Alley (

This movie is good, not great, but it’s entertaining. Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, and Willem Defoe are all very good in it...7.5/10 stars.

The Power of the Dog (

I liked this movie, but didn’t love it. It has great performances and a good twist at the end. But it’s a bit of a slog and I really wish it’d actually been filmed in Montana instead of New Zealand...7.0/10 stars.

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