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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Movies with 7.5 Stars

Another batch of reviews, movies I've rated 7.5/10 stars:

I expected Black Mass to be much better than it really was, but I still liked it quite a bit. Johnny Depp does a great job of playing Whitey Bulger. I didn't really know Bulger's story other than he was an Irish mobster from Boston who was an FBI informant who went into hiding for a long time. This is not a great movie, but it's still pretty decent.

Carol is carried by the performances of Cate Blanchett (as Carol Aird) and Rooney Mara (as Therese Belivet). These two actresses most definitely deserved the Oscar nominations that they received. This movie about "forbidden" love in the 1950s is good although it is moves pretty slowly at times. It is a well-crafted romance that I definitely enjoyed.

The Intern tells a wonderful story of a widowed senior citizen (Ben Whittaker played by Robert DeNiro) who goes back into the workforce as an intern working for an online fashion site, founded & run by workaholic Jules Ostin (played by Anne Hathaway). Hathaway & DeNiro have great chemistry as Ben becomes more of a friend/father figure to Jules rather than an employee. I found this movie to be funny, touching, and very charming. I really enjoyed watching it.

This is a very funny movie that I definitely enjoyed. LeBron James is HILARIOUS in it. I always like Bill Heder and he didn’t disappoint. This was the first time I’ve seen Amy Schumer in anything and I thought she was great.

I liked this movie and it has a lot of heart with a great story. It has funny & fun moments, but it was a little more serious than I ever expected it to be. But like most Pixar movies, it is well-made and very enjoyable.

I walked out of this movie very satisfied. It was everything I’d expect from a modern James Bond movie and I definitely liked it.

A somewhat chilling (true) crime story with some great performances, especially Steve Carell’s portrayal of the very strange & disturbed millionaire John du Pont. I liked this movie in spite of it being disturbing at times.

I read this book which is very, very good and the movie while it is good, it isn’t quite the same as the book. It’s well-made and well-acted, just some of the more compelling aspects of the book were missing. I did like the movie very much though.

Guardians of the Galaxy (

If I used only one word to describe this movie, it’d be “fun” because that’s what it is. It’s an entertaining, fun, funny, and heartfelt movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, especially for being a “superhero” movie. And it has some awesome 70s music!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2 (Pt. 1 -, Pt. 2 -

Two movies, one quick review because both movies pretty much hold true to the book which means that I liked them because I liked the book. I think part 2 was probably a little bit better just because it was the finale, but both were good. Plus I’d go watch Jennifer Lawrence in a movie if all she did was read the dictionary.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (

Is this a good movie? Yes. Did it deserve to be Best Picture? No. I think I liked it more after I first saw it, but then I held it up to other movies that were nominated for Best Picture along with it and it wasn’t nearly as good as those, so I liked it a little less. It is entertaining, quirky, and uniquely shot (as if it is one long take) which makes it a good movie. Plus I’ve liked Michael Keaton since I first saw him in Night Shift and he’s awesome in this movie.

This is an intense, thrilling, and emotional movie. The performances by Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano are what really make this a good movie.

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