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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Restaurant Review: B Spot (Rochester Hills, Michigan)

When I first read about Michael Symon opening a burger place in Rochester Hills, I got pretty excited because if anyone knows how to prepare meat, it's Symon (who describes his cooking as "meat-centric"). Symon is a well-know restaurateur from Cleveland and he owns Roast (Roast Review) in downtown Detroit, one of my favorite restaurants. So when I got an opportunity to try B Spot with my fellow foodie friend (say that 3 times fast!) Rebecca, I jumped at the chance. And guess what? We were NOT disappointed!

B Spot is located in The Village of Rochester Hills shopping mall. It's a simple looking place, not fancy and decent-sized.

They have a great drink menu with craft beer, a handful of wines, and a bunch of bourbon. B Spot does after all specialize in 3 important B's: Beer, Bourbon, and of course...BURGERS! I started off my B Spot experience with one of my all-time favorite beers, a Bell's Two Hearted Pale Ale.

Of course, the most important "B" would be the burgers. B Spot has a large selection of specialty burgers as well as numerous toppings to create your own. You don't have to actually have a beef burger either as they have turkey, grilled chicken, veggie, and thick cut bologna (seriously!) options. I opted to create my own and chose: A beef burger (duh!) cooked medium rare, Pepperjack cheese, bacon (again...duh!), griddled onions, avocado, and sriracha mayo. My friend Rebecca built her own burger and our friend Eric chose the special burger of the day which was a French onion burger. Here is MY creation:

Instead of having beer with my burger, I chose a glass of red wine. I believe it was a blend with Syrah in it, but am not 100% sure as their online menu doesn't show it and I wasn't smart enough at the time to make a note of what it was as I was salivating too much over my burger. The pairing of the wine with the burger was great. The burger itself was amazing. It was cooked perfectly, the meat was very high quality beef & I could tell with the way it tasted, the toppings were all fresh, and it just tasted great. I am making a bold statement when I say this, but I do believe it's the best burger I've ever had. Yes, even better than the Red Coat Tavern's burger that I've loved for years. I will need to venture to both places again soon to confirm this!

We also chose Lola Fries (thin cut fries with rosemary) and onion rings as sides to go with our burgers. The fries were good, not great, but I did really like the onion rings as they were very thick with excellent flavor.

When I was looking at B Spot's menu online prior to going there, I noticed they had shakes on the menu (Bad A** Shakes according to the menu)...shakes you can add alcohol to! So I knew prior to going, that I'd be getting one of these for my dessert. And I did just that. Not only did I get a shake, I got a shake with BACON in it! I chose the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie & Bacon shake and had bourbon added to it so I could round out my "3 B's" experience. This shake was pretty much awesome & huge and I loved it!

Eric got a Root Beer Float with vanilla vodka which I sampled as well, and it too was damn good!

Our first B Spot experience was top notch. The selection of beer was great, the burgers were awesome, and the shakes were fantastic too. These are not fast food burgers, so don't expect fast food prices. But for the quality of the food and dining experience, it is still reasonably priced. B Spot is just a great place that I will be returning to.

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