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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Movie Review: "Looper" (2012)

What if you were an assassin who killed people from the future and then eventually one of those people was yourself? Crazy, right? That is what a looper does and that's the premise of the very good movie "Looper" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as 25-year old Joe Simmons (circa 2044) and Bruce Willis as old 55-year old Joe Simmons (circa 2074). Joe is the looper (not a pro jock for you "Caddyshack" fans) in question.

By the time 2074 rolls around, time travel has been invented and it is illegal. Unfortunately, every human is capable of being tracked so killing someone is not easy...unless you send them back in time allowing them to be murdered and thus disappearing from the face of the Earth. The murderer in the past is called a looper. The other unfortunate part of this whole deal is that eventually each looper has to kill himself but he gets compensated to live the rest of his life (30 years) very comfortable. Joe Simmons is a looper. And eventually, Joe Simmons has to kill himself. Guess what happens when that occurs?

Another thing about life in 2044...some people have unique telekinetic powers that allow them to do fun things like making things float. These people are called TKs. Some of these TKs have super telekinetic powers...and that is important in 2044.

This movie is mostly about the trials & tribulations that occur when Old Joe & New Joe come into contact with one another in 2044. It becomes an interesting game of cat & mouse that is very well done and quite intriguing. This is NOT a movie that one can pay loose attention to, like most well-done movies about time travel. And like most time travel movies, there are unavoidable paradoxes. But they are easily overlooked for such a well-made movie that is thought-provoking, thrilling and a lot of fun to watch. I was definitely engaged the entire time I watched this movie.

I was also impressed with the performances given by Gordon-Levitt & Willis as the Joes. Gordon-Levitt's makeup was done very well as he looks very much like a young Bruce Willis! Emily Blunt gives a good performance as well playing Sara Rollins a woman Young Joe runs across while tracking down Old Joe. Sara's son Cid is played by Pierce Gagnon who does an incredible job playing this critical role...and he was only 5 years old when this movie was being filmed!

This is a very good movie that I really liked...8.0/10 stars

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