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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sumo Sushi (Rochester, Michigan)

I'm getting behind on reviews & it's time to get caught up!

I recently went to Sumo Sushi in downtown Rochester, Michigan with a friend. This was the 2nd time that I'd been there and it the sushi was delicious & fresh (fresh is always important when it comes to sushi!). Sumo is a pretty laid back sushi place, it's no fancy or trendy (not like Ronin in Royal Oak, which has excellent sushi by the way...Sumo just isn't as "hip" as a place like Ronin).

Prior to the sushi, I had both miso soup and a small salad with ginger dressing, both of which were very yummy. And the soup warmed me up a bit as it was a chilly evening!

We shared 4 different sushi rolls:

(1) Spicy Tuna...I always get this as I like to compare different places & Sumo's version did not disappoint

2) Rising Sun (cooked roll with spicy kani crab roll topped with baked scallops, sweet soy, spicy mayo and kani crab garnish)...Of the 3 specialty rolls we got, I think this one was my favorite as the flavor was very unique & it had a bit of a kick to it

(3) 007 (cooked roll with spicy kani crab roll topped with shrimp, kani crab and avocado)...Another yummy roll that had great flavor

(4) Lava Roll...I couldn't find the description of this one anywhere online, but I do know that it was very tasty!

All in all, Sumo is a good sushi place and is relatively inexpensive. It's also very unpretentious, which makes it a great casual choice!

For more info, you can find Sumo on Yelp:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Agree, I have always liked Sumo for their eclectic approach to their rolls and the Freak Show Gen Y waiting staff.

Recently I have been somewhat unimpressed, not sure, maybe the Hibachi Grill is causing Sumo to lose focus.

Although you can't go wrong with their $2 domestics and Ika Salad.

Good review Sir Larry.