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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Toasted Oak (Novi, Michigan)

I had dinner at Toasted Oak in Novi, Michigan with my friend Amanda and we thought it was an excellent dinner choice. It's a nice, modern restaurant with a casual vibe to it. It is not stuffy whatsoever and our waiter was very energetic & was a big help with respect to selecting appetizers, entrees, wine, etc. He even shook my hand after I paid the bill, which I thought was a nice gesture on his part.

Now for the important part...the food! We started out with Pig's Ear which was garnished with a few things that I can't recall because that honestly wasn't that great. It was breaded & didn't have much taste to it. The other appetizer we got though was the cheese board which was pretty damn awesome. There were 3 or 4 different cheeses, all which were quite tasty. And one of the sauces to dip the cheese in had bacon & honey and it was spectacular!

For my entree, I had the Steak Frites (grilled Creekstone Farms bistro tender, shallot butter, marchand du vin with frites). I did like this dish, although I think they overcooked it a bit as I ordered it medium rare and it seemed more like medium. Amanda ordered the filet which I think was medium rare even though she ordered it medium. They may have mixed them up! Both were good the next day though as leftovers!

We shared a nice bottle of Acacia red wine which was somewhere between a Cabernet & a Pinot Noir as far as body was concerned and it went perfectly with the beef entrees. For dessert, we shared something that I can't recall the name of that we both liked, but we probably would have enjoyed something with chocolate more! That doesn't help much, does it?

All in all, Toasted Oak is an excellent restaurant that I highly recommend. I know I'd go back there!

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Anonymous said...

You'll need to go again for chocolate dessert and a different appetizer. When do you wanna go?