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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Restaurant Review: The City Grill (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I recently had an opportunity to dine internationally (haha) at The City Grill in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as Windsor is just south (yes, SOUTH) of Detroit and is just a short tunnel ride away under the Detroit River. Well the distance is at least short, the border can get backed up at times!

Anyway...The City Grill is very close to the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel in downtown Windsor and it is an excellent restaurant. It's modern & trendy and has a chic atmosphere. A lot of pictures of Windsor from the past are on the walls which I thought was pretty cool.

We started with some pretty good drinks off of their Signature Cocktails menu. My date enjoyed her Autumn Harvest Sangria (sweet white wine, peach Schnapps, apple cider, fresh pear & apple, hint of maple syrup, cinnamon) while I sipped on my Walkerville Old Fashioned (Canadian whiskey, orange rind, brown sugar, orange bitters).

As we were waiting for our entrees and sipping our tasty cocktails, we nibbled on some fresh, tasty bread.

I ordered their soup of the day, which was a turkey vegetable soup that I really liked. It had great flavor, large chunks of turkey and a variety of veggies.

For an entree, my date ordered the Gnocchi (butternut squash, mascarpone, toasted walnuts, brown butter) and she really liked it. I tasted it as well and it was very tasty, especially with the butternut squash as a topping.

I have never been much of a pork eater, but I have been ordering more dishes with pork and with this in mind, I opted for the Crispy Braised Pork (adobe spiced with Caribbean rice & quick fried vegetables) which was labeled as a "Chef Shawn's Signature Dish."

I was glad that I ordered this because it was fantastic! The pork was very tender and slid right off of the bone. It had a lot of flavor, was very juicy, and was so good. And combined with the rice & veggies, it was a great dish. I highly recommend it. Outside of some of the pulled pork I've had at BBQ places, it was by far the best pork entree I've ever had.

A dinner date wouldn't be complete without dessert, right? We shared the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bavarian Cake, which I ate most of because my date thought it was too chocolatey. I definitely liked it very much.

I was very pleased with The City Grill and definitely recommend it to anyone heading across the border to Windsor. It is reasonably priced (especially for an American given the exchange rate), you get a fair amount of food with each entree, and it's got a great atmosphere.

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