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Friday, December 13, 2013

Movie Review: "The To Do List" (2013)

“The To Do List” (written & directed by Maggie Carey) is a funny, witty, fun & entertaining movie that I enjoyed watching. The comedy is pretty raunchy as one would expect given the concept (more on that in a bit). It also has a good cast...most notably Aubrey Plaza who plays the main character Brandy, Rachel Bilson who plays her sister Amber, the always hilarious Bill Hader who plays her boss Willy, Connie Britton who plays her mom and a surprisingly funny Clark Gregg (a.k.a. Agent Coulson from “The Avengers”) who plays her dad. Plus it is set in the early 90’s, so the music & clothing are great as well.

What is this movie about? That age-old concept of losing your virginity, of course! But Brandy is not your typical virgin. She is a straight-A student with a type-A personality, so she uses a very methodical approach to her “sex quest”, which is more than just intercourse. She wants to try EVERYTHING! And how does she go about figuring out what she wants to try? She makes a list like any good person with her OCD personality would do. She makes her list and then during the summer between her senior year of high school & her freshman year of college, she starts checking sex acts off of her list. And this proves to be very funny, especially the moments at the public pool where she works (this is where the comedic genius of Bill Hader as her boss Willy really shines through). The main object of her affection is one of her co-workers at the pool, an older “hunk” named Rusty. But she doesn’t limit herself to just Rusty, as she uses (yes, that is the right word in most instances!) other boys while on her quest.

This isn’t the funniest or wittiest movie I have seen, but it was fun to watch & kept me entertained. I laughed quite a bit, especially when Bill Hader was on screen as he stole every scene he was in (especially when he was interacting with Brandy or her sister Amber). The concept of this movie is unique as well and Plaza does a good job of playing Brandy, portraying her methodical/OCD personality very well. I also think this movie does a great job of depicting the early 90’s as the music was spot on as well as the clothing & hairstyles.

I liked this movie…7.0/10 stars

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