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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Review: "Project X" (2012)

Is "Project X" going to be nominated for any Oscars? No. Does it have any real redeeming qualities? No. Was it fun to watch all of the crazy, silly, teenage antics which morphed into utter chaos? Yes!

This is a movie about 3 high school nerds (Thomas played by Thomas Mann, Costa played by Oliver Cooper and J.B. played by Jonathan Daniel Brown) who throw a gigantic party which turns into a night of debauchery & utter mayhem. It is most decidedly unrealistic, which is what makes it so entertaining. It is awash with teenage drug & alcohol use and sex, so I realize it has little redeeming qualities.

I will admit to being entertained by this movie enough to say that I liked it...6.0/10 stars

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